California: Wildwood -

California: Wildwood

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On our first full day at my mom’s, we went for a hike in Wildwood Park. My brother and I have memories of an epic water balloon battle in a fort that used to be at the trailhead. I told the boys all about the fort, only to find it was torn down. It was kind of rickety, but it sure was fun.

(Reminds me of this article about how playgrounds are too safe these days and that might not be good for kids…)

But, we were there to hike, so hike we did. The yuccas were in full bloom, the prickly pear cactus blossoms were wide, sticky monkey flower and mustard lined the trail–it was springtime in the California chaparral. What a treat after a long, brown Montana “spring.”

We didn’t get too far, but made three creek crossings and LOVED all the blooms.



purple sage

Mom hits the trail.

Creek crossing…yay, there was a bridge.

Mom in her natural habitat.

monkey flower

prickly pear

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