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Busy Boys

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I’m writing this with Finn sleeping on one arm (luckily it’s my right arm which is mostly just for show anyway), so I’m not going to upload any pictures. But, I will fill you in on some of the things that the boys are up to these days.

• digging holes in the yard
• breaking through the fence Henry keeps fortifying
• looking cute while being bad
• not going on enough walks

• wishing he never had to go into the yard
• curling up in Henry’s office
• looking cute and hopeful
• not fetching enough

• sleeping
• eating
• crying
• looking around
He’s a bit of a fuss bucket, but we are thinking that he might have a dairy allergy that leads to green poop and unhappiness. I’m cutting out dairy for 2 weeks (I miss the dark chocolate and ice cream already) to see if that helps.

• chatting up a storm (dada, mama, bye-bye, hi, duh (duck), chews (shoes), trash, bo (book), Fffff (Finn), abo (apple, but refers to anything red and round including tomatoes and berries), and several other words. He also strings two words together to make mini-sentences.
• moving, moving, moving
• having books read to him. He especially likes pointing out things and colors that we ask him about and books with songs.
• making animal noises
• hugging and kissing Fffff
• feeding ducks—he’s a bit obsessed with ducks and convinced Henry to take him to the lagoon at 7 am this morning by saying “duh, duh” and bringing Henry his shoes. Even with limited vocab that boy knows how to make a point.

• editing Argentina videos
• letting Finn suck on his pinkie
• getting up every morning with Anders while Finn and I sleep in
• finishing up the filming for Greater Yellowstone Flyfisher video
• being the best husband ever

That’s about it. I’m going back to work on Thursday (that month flew by!), but otherwise just sit around eating bon bons. Vegan bon bons, that is.

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