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Bugling birthday

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After the birthday party on a log that we threw for my mom, we knew we had to do something special for Mogie’s birthday. When Big H and Mogie invited us on an elk bugling trip, we knew it would make the perfect party.

We caravanned up to Lewistown. The boys rode with H’s parents and we had the most peaceful drive we have had in years.

The Slippery Anne Elk Viewing Area is on the C.M. Russell Wildlife Refuge. Elk gather there in the fall to rut. The bulls bugle and spar while the cows make calls of their own.

The well-marked elk viewing area.

A harem of elk with their bull.

Big H doing a little Finn-watching.

Contemplating the bugling.

The filmmaker at work.

Finn spots himself.

Until H gets his elk video posted, you can watch this.

We spent the night at the Yogo Inn in Lewistown. Yogo sapphires are found only in Montana and there is just one commercial mine left in operation. And by commercial, I mean a guy with a shovel and some dynamite.

The other interesting thing about Lewistown is that it is in the geographical center of Montana. In fact, the center is in the pool area at the Yogo Inn. We could see it from our room.

The next morning, the boys had a little pool time with H. Then we had birthday party for Mogie. We brought cake, streamers, gifts etc. to aid in the celebration. But really, just being together was a celebration.

Pool party!

Happy birthday to Mogie, happy birthday to you!

Finn waits anxiously for his cake.

Mogie opens a gift from the boys.

Mmmmm apple cake.

The Harrisons at the center of Montana.

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