Broccoli-gorgonzola casserole, zucchini bread and more popsicles -

Broccoli-gorgonzola casserole, zucchini bread and more popsicles

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The most recent concoctions to grace our kitchen can be seen below.

Anders helped me out with plucking oregano leaves to dry in our dehydrator.

Picking leaves.

Anders is serious about his dehydrating.

Next up is this Gorgonzola-broccoli casserole. It is cheesealicious. So much, in fact, that I added a whole zucchini to each one to achieve a better veggie-cheese balance. Both are in the freezer; I’ll let you know how they turned out next month.

Prior to eating this I’ll add bread crumbs to the top and bake it.

I love these cute popsicle molds, but I am finding they just aren’t big enough for my big eater. I think we’ll have to invest in some larger ones. But, until then I just give Anders two or three at a time.

These are blackberry-banana-kale.


On another night I baked a couple loaves of zucchini bread. We have a lot of zucchinis to deal with. The first several fruits on my vine withered and I thought we weren’t going to get any. My friend, Jo Jo, brought us some, which was awesome. Then he brought us one more. Then my plant miraculously started producing. So, expect more zucchini-related dishes.

Shredded zucchini.


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