Bozeman straw bale maze -
Bozeman Straw Bale Maze

Bozeman straw bale maze

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A few weeks ago, the boys and found our way through the Bozeman Maze. It was aMAZEing. Sorry. It was a lot of fun, though.

We went a couple years ago. They didn’t do the maze last year, but they are back at it with even more attractions this year. They change the maze every weekend, so you can keep going back. There is a train (a highlight for my boys!), a corn box (like a sandbox with corn kernels–another highlight), and a hugeantic (Anders’ word) straw bale tractor–yet, another highlight.

Anders rarely sleeps in the truck anymore, which is too bad since it is so funny when he does.
There’s even a “photo op” spot with straw bales stacked up to set your camera on. I couldn’t figure out the self-timer, so I got a passerby to take our picture.
The Popcorn Trolley was a huge hit.
The maze from the train.
They are so cute! I can hardly stand it sometimes.
Finn in the maze.
In addition to finding one’s way through the maze, there are flags set up at four points. Below each point is a crayon to mark off your card.
When you complete the card, you get a piece of candy, which the boys are eating right now.
The corn box.
Anders enjoyed being buried in corn. Simple pleasures.
The hugeantic tractor. (that’s like “gigantic, only more huge.)
Finn takes tractor driving seriously.
Anders loves being in the driver’s seat.

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