Boiling River afternoon -

Boiling River afternoon

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We had big plans to go skiing today, but I wimped out and suggested we go sit in a hot spring instead. L-A-Z-Y.

After breakfast at Chadz we drove down to Yellowstone, walked the .5 miles to the Boiling River and soaked. Hot springs with kids aren’t quite as relaxing as when you don’t have to spend your whole time keeping someone from drowning, but we had a ton of fun.

Finn did not enjoy the getting in and getting out of the water (imagine being carried to a river, stripped down to nothing in 30 degree weather, then doing it in reverse–while wet–after a lovely swim) but he was all smiles in the water. Anders was pretty darn tough and handled the cold like a boy born in Montana in January.

Just a little ice in the river and three handsome dudes in the foreground.

Brothers comparing rocks. Even in the water these boys find rocks to throw.

“Look at my rocks,” says our Chief Collector.

Smiley Finn.

Throwing rocks off the bridge after the swim.

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  1. Always jealous of your hot spring soaks – although I can relate to the drowning toddler factor – not very relaxing! Your boys are lucky to have such an outdoorsy Mama who is willing to brave the cold. (Glad it’s warmed up from 0 degrees.)

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