Birthday party at Mill Creek cabin -

Birthday party at Mill Creek cabin

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A few days after Christmas Anders and I went to a birthday party for our friend, Katie. She’s three. Her parents, and my friends–Jessica and Chris–had a little celebration for her at the Mill Creek cabin in the Mill Creek drainage of the Absaroka Mountains. Why, yes, that is the largest drainage in the west side of the Absaorkas.

To be honest, Anders was a little tired–and thus a bit cranky–but he did allow me to pull him around on a sled. He was also able to eat THREE pieces of pizzas and a cupcake. That plus a lot of hugs got him through the party.

There was a lovely fire outside, yummy chili on the stove and a delicious winter drink called “the ski hill” or something like that. (Jess correct me in the comments and share the recipe if you want…)

If you want to read more about renting Forest Service cabins, check out my post on my other site, which is from a Montana Parent article I wrote.

Anders enjoyed being pulled on the sled while I ran around in big circles. Rigby and Diesel loved being able to run free for a couple hours.

Rolling in the snow is one of Rigby’s favorite winter pastimes.

Other slaves, I mean parents, pulling their kids around on sleds in front of the cabin.

Mill Creek cabin

Chowing down in the cabin.

The view from the front door. Not bad.

Happy Birthday Katie Bear!

Just in! Here it the super delicious recipe from Jess:

The Ultimate Ski Lift Drink:

1 shot Peach Schnapps
1 shot Coconut Rum
Top with hot chocolate, whipped cream and coconut sprinkles (for snow). Cheers!

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