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{BIP} Step three: pebble flooring

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Every now and then I like to write about our bathroom. Does anyone care? I don’t know, but here I go again.

When I bought this house in 2004, the bathroom looked like this:

Before the remodel. I know, ugly! What were these people thinking with the mint green tub and the (differently-hued) mint green wall tiles. They are plastic by the way. And the shower inset is peeling off the wall, letting in steam and water with ever shower.

You are probably wondering why I bought a place with a bathroom like this. Well, everything worked and it was the best Rigby and I could afford. Plus, I had more motivation back then to conquer projects I had no business attempting.

In 2009, Henry tore out the nasty shower insert and we paid someone to tile it and put in a new window. I thought a window lurkers couldn’t see through was a nice touch.


Seven months later, I sent H and the boys to stay with Big H and Mogie so I could paint those awful, mint green, plastic tiles. I installed a new medicine cabinet and towel racks.

Toilet-side post-paint. Better, no?

Sink-side post-paint.

This week, I tiled the floor. As sweet as the faux marble linoleum-like, stick-em tiles were, I wanted something different. I had been dreaming of pebble tiles. I found them in Bozeman a few years ago for $17 per 12X12 tile. Even though our bathroom is not quite 25 square feet, it was pricey.

Last week I found them online for $9.99/square foot with free shipping. I like to shop local, but…..

The original floor

Pebbles in and ready for grout.

A little clean-up to do, but this bathroom is just about done.

One day I’ll have my own bathroom. Anyone who doesn’t hit the bowl every time they pee, will be forbidden from entry. Until then, I am happy to share this much improved bathroom with my family.

Want to relive those Bathroom Improvement Project memories? Here they are.

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{BIP} Step three: pebble flooring

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  1. SO COOL! Our bathroom was added to the Shack in the 80’s and it looks like somewhere a horror movie would be filmed….I totally care about your bathroom renovations and will vicariously live through you till we can redo ours.

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