Big Timber and Natural Bridge -

Big Timber and Natural Bridge

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Henry is back from 3 days in lovely Idaho Falls where he was filming flytyers at a flytying convention. The boys, Anders in particular, was excited to have dad home.

We took Sunday to do a mini-roadtrip. We started out at our local coffee shop for breakfast then hit the highway going east. The first stop was a super fun park in Big Timber.

The park represents different times in Big Timber’s past. One of the industries that took/takes place in Big Timber is mining. The park even has a canary so you know if you need to get out quickly.

Apparently Vikings also came to Big Timber. Actually there are a lot of Norwegians, I think my friend Jo Jo is a descendant of a couple.

Big man, little slide.

What the #$%%^ is going on here?

The boys tunneling.

Playing in the teepee.

Everyone gets to play.

I tried to hang upside on the bars and it hurt the back of my knees so badly I could hardly do it. It it used to be so fun. Henry couldn’t do it either; I think we’re getting old.

Anders is cute.

Next we drove down the Boulder River Valley to Natural Bridges State Park. The natural bridge collapsed in the 80s, but the gorge and the waterfall are beautiful. Actually, the whole Boulder River valley is ridiculously gorgeous.

When we got to the parking area I turned around to see this.

And this.

So we sat in the truck for a little while and listened to the dogs freak out because they weren’t out playing with all the other dogs in the parking lot.

After a bit we woke the boys up and headed out for our hike. Everyone was thrilled to be outside. Anders hiked about a mile by himself.

The dogs were so excited to see snow…and be out of the truck.

My river is boulder than your river.

The river goes underground here. (That’s snow in the background).

Hiking with hat.

Snow and iron.

Then the batteries in the camera died. You’ll have to imagine the best, most scenic parts of the walk because we have no pictures.

You can see a photo of the waterfall here, but it didn’t look at all like that today since the water was so much lower.

Guess we’ll have to go back.

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