Berry picking -

Berry picking

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Last weekend we spent two days berry picking. On Saturday my friend Jessica called and suggested we visit the berry patch at Rocky Creek Farm near Bozeman. The raspberries were at their peak a couple weeks ago, but there were still a few to pick.

Anders and Jessica’s daughter, Katie, ate most of their find while Finn squashed a couple berries in his hand.

Jess with her 6 week-old Julia and 2.5 year-old, Katie take the hay ride to the berry patch.

Anders is not that psyched to be on the trailer.

Jess and the girls looking for berries, berries for jam.

Anders and Katie in the berry patch.

Berries for jam.


Stealing my berries.



Lunch break.

I get in a little extra picking while the boys eat lunch.

Hay ride back to the barn.

The next day we went for a hike up the Passage Creek Falls trail in the Absaroka. I was hoping to find some huckleberries, but I had forgotten there was a big fire in that drainage a couple years ago. Huckleberries don’t like all that sunshine and aridity. Fortunately we found thimbleberries and a few wild raspberries. But, no camera so use your imagination…

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