Beeting eggs -

Beeting eggs

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I wasn’t really in the mood to do it, but we colored eggs today. I had intentions of using all sorts of food items (blueberries, cabbage, onions) to make the dye, but all I pulled together was some beet dye. Luckily my kids are young enough that they won’t remember my lack of enthusiasm for egg dying this year.

We started with our local eggs, which are already lovely colors.

I chopped up the beets and Anders put them in the pot. We covered them with 4 cups of water and 2 Tbl of vinegar. Boil and let cool.

The dye is ready. The scent of vinegar reminded me of every Easter of my youth.

We colored on the eggs a bit with crayons and then dropped them into the dye. Finnzilla cracked all the eggs he threw into the dye, of course. Since it’s just beet water, we can still eat them.

Anders lowers his egg into the dye.

After the eggs were dyed, Anders tried out his Easter basket.

If Anders does it, Finn does it. Wouldn’t you like to wake up on Easter morning and find these boys in your basket?

2 thoughts on “Beeting eggs”

  1. Hi Mel! Looks like you had a great time dyeing eggs. I love how your beet dye turned out. What a delightful spring project! Your children will have lovely memories of it.

  2. I’m not much of a holiday person, so I can relate to the feeling of having to do something holiday-related when you aren’t really in the mood. Looks like fun for the kids, though, to make dye out of beets!

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