Be Nice to Pregnant Women -

Be Nice to Pregnant Women

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I realize that I am disgustingly huge. I probably am more aware of it than anyone. I find myself cropping photos to eliminate parts of my body. You do not need to remind me of the fact that I have gained 30 pounds in 9 months.

The other day we ran into someone I sort of know. The first words out of his mouth, in reference to my burgeoning belly, were “Good, God!”. He said he meant it in a nice way, but I’m huge, not stupid. This man has an 8 month old daughter, so he was recently intimately involved with a pregnant woman. He should know better.

A young teenage girl walking by our yard today gasped “Oh my God”, upon sighting me.

Now from these two incidents you could assume that people think I’m a deity. It wouldn’t be the first time, but I don’t think it is the case in these situations.

I walked into a professors office last week to conduct a professional interview. His first words? “Wow, are you pregnant!”. Really?

My friend Chris recently posted on the correct way to address a pregnant woman. I don’t know the backstory, but it seems like someone made a mistake. If you are unsure of the protocol, or think any of the above exclamations are appropriate, please read his post.

Or say nothing. I’m not really looking for compliments. I’m just tired of being gawked at.

3 thoughts on “Be Nice to Pregnant Women”

  1. You look wonderful, you have the magical and miraculous gift of carrying a human being inside your body and that is AMAZING! Jeff is a good man and he didn’t mean any harm when he said that, plus he thought you were Heather and he had seen her a couple of days before and thought she had grown so fast in just a few days, then he realized it was you and felt so bad. SOrry again. He meant no harm and you look fabulous!!

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