Bathroom tile job -

Bathroom tile job

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I am (overly) excited to report that we have new tile in our bath/shower. We clearly have one of the ugliest bathrooms in the world. Of course, I’m grateful that we have running water and a flush toilet–not everyone does–but some poor choices were made in our bathroom that I’d like to rectify.

Step one in my “Bathroom Improvement Plan” (BIP) was to tear down the plastic/vinyl that lined the shower and replace it with subway tiles.

We could have done this ourselves, but

A. We have almost no free time
B. It looks way better when a professional does it

so, we hired it out. If anyone in southwest Montana needs to hire a carpenter/tile guy, ask me about Brandon–he did an awesome job.

Before the remodel. I know, ugly! What were these people thinking with the mint green tub and the (differently-hued) mint green wall tiles. They are plastic by the way. And the shower inset is peeling off the wall, letting in steam and water with ever shower.

Windows in the bathroom were common in 1929, when this house was built. Showers were unheard of, so a window above the bath isn’t as crazy as it seems now.

The plastic insert and window trim are gone. A new window is in place. Oh joy, more mint green tiles!

Down to the studs (coincidentally, the tear-down was done by our favorite stud, Henry), and insulation.

New insulation, a vapor barrier, rockboard and tile make the shower look so much better. We kept the mint green tub–it does match the lovely sink–thinking that when the shower is done and the wall tiles are painted white, and the flooring is covered–it won’t look so bad. It’s retro chic, in fact (that’s what we tell ourselves).

Anders and Finn enjoy the new tile job. Anders is just glad he doesn’t have to use the shower in the basement where water hits him in the head. Anders loves water, but not when it falls from overhead. Finn is happy to be done with sink baths. Actually, he doesn’t care one way or the other, but he and Anders both like bathtime better when their brother is there.

I hope to soon move on to the next steps in BIP:
1. patch walls and repair cracks
2. paint over ugly, plastic wall tiles and everything else
3. redo floor

Want to relive those Bathroom Improvement Project memories? Here they are.

{BIP} Step one: shower tile
{BIP} Step two: painting and accoutrements
{BIP} Step three: pebble flooring

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