Backpacking in the Bechler -

Backpacking in the Bechler

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A couple weeks ago my friend Heather and I spent four days hiking through the Bechler Region in Yellowstone. It’s in the southwest part of the park and also known as Cascade Corner. Four days, 30 miles, countless waterfalls, one set of grizzly tracks, wildlfowers and berries, backcountry hot springs…it was amazing. Since I took a zillion pictures I’ll let them tell the story.

Fresh faced, bushy tailed and ready to hike.

The first 2.5 miles of trail are an old road along the Firehole River that leads to Lone Star Geyser.

Lone Star Geyser

The greeter at our first campsite.


Hanging our food high to keep it from bears.

Hot spring basin just yards from our campsite.

hot spring– we were constantly amazed at how cool it was at seeing all this in the backcountry, with so few other people around.

Grizzly tracks on the trail. We followed them for two or three miles. Didn’t see the bear, though.

Backcountry boardwalk.

Elephant head. I so love this flower.

One of many waterfalls. This one is was just upstream from our second campsite.

Hanging around our second campsite. No fires allowed since the fire danger is so high this summer.

See the rest of the trip here.

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