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{Arctic Studies} Inuksuit

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So far we have studied animals, ecosystems, northern lights and global warming. It’s time to look at the people who live in the Arctic. Well, some of them anyway. Inuit culture is alive and vibrant and we looked at some of their traditions.

We stated with an inuksuk. Inuksuit (plural of inuksuk) are stone sculptures that represent people. Inuksuit carry meaning bestowed upon them by the builder. They have been used to show caribou trails, mark where food is cached, show the direction to cross a valley or pass, or mark a good resting place. They are used for communication, navigation, as a symbol of appreciation, and can have spiritual significance.


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Make Your Own Inuksuk (Wow Canada! Collection) by Mary Wallace

This book describes inuksuit, explains their significance, and shows you how to build one. There are pictures of inuksuit made out of different types of rocks and in different formations.

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The Polar Bear Son by Lydia Dabcovich
This is an Inuit tale about a woman who adopts a polar bear cub as her son. We really love this story.


Of course, we built our own inuksuit. We started with a hike to collect rocks. We had to dig through the snow a bit.

Finn’s rock.

Maybe here?

We took the rocks home, rinsed them off and stacked them into little people. Some Gorilla Glue ensured the rocks will stay put.

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