Another walk -

Another walk

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It was a warm spring day and the dogs were itching to get out for a walk. When your neighborhood is as lovely as ours, you are almost always wanting to take a walk. Except on the really windy days, but those only happen about 70% of the time in winter.

We started on the driving range since the road to Mayors Landing was closed for berm construction.

Into the woods.

The Crazy Mountains over Fleshmen Creek.

The last snow in Livingston.

Brotherly chit chat.

It’s so hot for Riggy. He needs to cool down.

Bald eagle looking for fish in the Yellowstone.

Rigby was here; wish you were, too.

1 thought on “Another walk”

  1. That looks like a fun spring day! I was just thinking about how green it is here and how brown it must be everywhere else. It’s all gonna change in a month or so when we dry out and you get some pretty greening up.

    We’re heading your way in August – if you’re still there. Maybe we can go for a walk?

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