Anders turns 3! -

Anders turns 3!

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January 30th has rolled around again, which means another birthday for Anders. Last year we had a birthday party for him at Chico Hot Springs. It was such a success (read: easy and no clean up) that we decided to do the same thing again.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. What has Anders been doing for the past 12 months. If you regularly visit this blog you know a lot about what Anders has been up to, but here are a few the highlights:

* Lots of time outside hiking, skiing and soaking in hotsprings
* Gymnastics
* Swim lessons
* A trip to California
* He learned the sounds of the letters
* He learned to sound out some three letter words
* Rode a horse
* Built lots of Lincoln Log and Lego structures
* Went fishing
* Learned to spell a bunch of words
* Went camping
* Rode the Polar Express
* Shook his moneymaker at the National Folklife Festival
* Sang a whole lot of Christmas carols
* Played with, kissed, loved and fought with his little brother

I know there was a lot more, but it’s late and we’ve had a long day.

First a couple photos from January 30, 2007. Henry suggested we reenact the birth, but I wasn’t that into it, so we are going with the photos instead.

Anders was born at home at 12:34 am after 3 or 4 hours of labor. He was 11 days late, but I still mistook the early labor pains for a bladder infection. Yeah, I’m smart. We had an awesome midwife with an amazing intern (now a midwife) who assisted with the birth (although I take most of the credit for making it happen).

A new daddy.

Was he really that small? (Relatively speaking; he was 8lbs,14oz at birth–that’s no Finn, but it’s big.)

We started the 3rd birthday with purple banana pancakes per Anders’ request.

Finn thinks Anders’ birthday is a great excuse for a yummy breakfast.

Anders also requested grapes next to the pancakes (as opposed to in the pancakes, I suppose).

I found these cute little birthday cards at Chez Beeper Bebe. H printed 3 (one for each year, obviously) and we taped the same number of little gifts onto each card. One sticker, two horses, three quarters.

(As a sidenote, the stickers were actually from my brother, Scott. I pretended they were from us since Anders keeps giving credit to Scott where credit is not due. For example, he keeps saying Scott gave him a book, which was actually from me, but Scott was the one who handed it to him. He also credits Scott for some markers from my mom–I don’t know why.)

Anders delighted with the thoughtful present from his loving parents.

We also got him some Lincoln Logs, and not just because H and I love building with them. We really want to get the Snowy Mountain Lookout because it is snowy and has a sled dog and a polar bear. Unfortunately, it is discontinued. WHY???? If anyone finds one, buy it and we will pay you back.

Here are some other gifts the lucky birthday boy got.

Lincoln Logs–oh yeah!

Reading the card from my mom, which accompanied a book and some CDs.

Finn enjoys the wrapping paper.

Super fun puzzle from Deena and the crew.

Fun-to-open gift from my dad and Karen. (Some great additions to his wardrobe hide within).

Remote control car from Big Henry and Mogie. Anders describes it as the “loud toy”. He was a little alarmed by its movement before he figured out that it was controlled by the remote.

Workbooks from Big Henry and Mogie. This kid LOVES workbooks. Weird, I know.

Finn did a little art while Anders worked on his letters.

Now on to the birthday party at Chico. We had a few friends, a little pizza and some cupcakes baked by yours truly. Since we are fortunate to have so much we asked people not to bring gifts. If they really wanted to bring something, we asked that they bring something we could donate to the Stafford Animal Shelter.

Birthday boy in his birthday suit (and swim suit).

H draws in the crowd.

Logan, happy to be in the pool.

Ava and Tiffaney.

Horsey cupcakes. Did I mention that the party was cowboy-themed?

Getting ready to blow out the candle.

Mustache and goatee courtesy of the cupcake.

Cupcake for the little cowpolk, too.

Tanner (and Ava in the background).


Logan and his horse.

Finn sporting a 5 o’clock shadow.

The goody bag: kerchief, cowboy chocolate, mixed CD of cowboy songs and a wooden horse to color.

That’s one tired buckaroo.

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  1. Looks like a great party – wish we could have been there. Chico hot springs looks awesome – you are so lucky to be able to swim in natural waters! Happy Birthday Anders!

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