And now you know the rest of the story -

And now you know the rest of the story

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Apparently I never got the rest of the Easter photos posted. Better late than never (“better never late,” we used to sing at day camp…)

Let us proceed.

We started the morning with an egg hunt. H distracted the boys while I placed the never-to-be-chicks in obvious places in the yard.

“Where could they be,” wonders Henry.

Finn has a very assertive method for getting egg into basket.

Super cute in jammies and fleece.

Double fisted.

Bunnies that I smartly decided to knit just three days before Easter.

Finn’s basket–bunny, book, Earth balls, chick socks, colored pencil…

Anders’ basket–same as Finn’s.

Finn peels eggs for egg salad. We ate that exclusively for two weeks.

After the eggstravaganza (sorry) H had to leave for Denver for a few days. The boys and I played (the hunt was at 7 am), read books and had lunch (guess what we had for lunch..). Then it was off to the park for the City egg hunt.

And I thought the hiding spots at our house were easy.

Pre-hunt tower climbing.

Happy hunters.

Chaos…I mean Anders and Finn with our friends, William and Logan. What could go wrong?

Working hard on the warmest day of the year.

More egg salad! Yay!

Do you like reliving the past? You can see photos from last year and the year before, which was so amazing that I had to blog in two parts. Part one is here and part two is over here. And don’t forget 2008 when we were in Bariloche, Argentina.

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