Anagram your name -

Anagram your name

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Ever wondered what words you can make out of your name? You could think really hard, or check out this website that will do it for you. I chose the latter.

Melynda Coble Harrison becomes BOARISHLY CLEAN MODERN. Wow! Do they know me or what?
Henry Huntington Harrison = TRUTH ‘N’ NINNYISH GONORRHEA (oh boy, that’s a tough one)
Anders Coble Harrison = CENSOR DIARRHEAL SNOB (Not much better than H’s)
Finn Coble Harrison = FLINCHES OR ON BRAIN (what?)
Rigby Idaho Coble = BOOBILY AGED RICH
Diesel Rudyard Harrison = DREAD SLUSHIER ORDINARY

Try your name here. Then come back and tell me what you found in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Anagram your name”



    And Elena: HERO-LIKE, HUMANE, PLEASANT (how did they know?)

    But the winner, hands-down, is Chris’s: HORSESHIT! REJECTS OF PORN

  2. I often feel like a SENILE MAJOR RENEGADE.

    Mike’s MACHO, GRISLIER GRACE makes no sense.

    For a boy like Logan who pretends to be Darth Vader, ANGEL’S HEROIC GLAMOR is pretty much opposite of his personality.

    William = RACIALISM OR WRIGGLE, definitely wriggle.

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