The Bozeman Trail Connector adventure -

The Bozeman Trail Connector adventure

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He wanted to go on an adventure, he told me. He wanted to explore unknown places, climb dirt piles, and find out what hides behind the willows.

It might be all those Magic Treehouse books he read when he was younger. Or it might be the Adventure Series he just finished. I hope it has to do with all the times we explored trails, lakes, and mountains together.

We decided the Bozeman Trail Connector was just the place to start. It’s in town, it’s short, but it has hidden trails through willows and little cliffs. There are ponds where you aren’t expecting them, and maybe, just maybe there is something to discover.

We started on the trail, but quickly dropped into the willows. We crouched under bushes, and climbed over logs. We interrupted the quiet paddling of mallards, and stumbled upon a beaver lodge. Anders led the way as we post-holed through crusty snow and ran up dirt mounds. And we talked about all sorts of things, and only a little bit about Legos.

It was just the adventure we needed.

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What: Bozeman Connector Trail (Find other trails in Livingston)
Why: It’s close to town, great views of surrounding mountain ranges, mini-adventures
Where: Northern Lights Road, west of Star Road, between Jack Weimer Memorial Park and Mountain View Cemetery.
Who: Anyone, stroller and wheel chair accessible. Dogs must be on leash.

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