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A special day

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Today is a big day in our household. There are two special occurrences and I’ve been going back and forth as to which to mention first. Do you list the most important thing first, since it is, well, first? Or do you list the most important thing last since it will stick in reader’s memories the longest?

An anniversary

Today is Henry and my third anniversary. Happy Anniversary H!

I am super lucky to be married to a man who is thoughtful, caring, funny, crazy smart, kind, an awesome dad, a great dog friend and devastatingly handsome. He makes me laugh, makes me think and has given our kids super cuteness. He treats Rigby as if he was his own. How did I get so lucky?

In three years we have been to Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., California, Wyoming, Idaho and lots of spots in Montana. We’ve had two kids, loved two dogs and had too much fun. (It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but with Henry around it seems like it has.)

I love you, Henry!

On top of the world in Bariloche, Argentina.

Honeymoon and babymoon in the Capadocia region of Turkey.

Close to home in Yellowstone.

I just realized that I am pregnant in each of these pictures. I’ve got to figure out what’s causing that…

A birthday

Today is also sweet Rigby’s 8th birthday. Rigby Idaho Coble came into my life when he was just 9 weeks old. As you may have guessed, he was born in Rigby, Idaho. We have been through a lot together and hopefully will have many years of friendship ahead of us. Even though the vet says he is a senior, I know he is, and will always be, my puppy.

So adorable you just want to kiss him right on his dog nose.

Rigby and I share a kiss…
Two Dog Night

Rigby stayed here for almost 10 minutes. That’s record tolerance for sharing the bed.

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